5 Year Plan

Bria blogged about her 5 year plan and it started me thinking about mine. I have only been able to focus on one month at a time so far, but in 2010 I want to start being more deliberate. So here’s my stab –

2010 (Aidan starts preschool in the fall)

1. Complete Starskipper (90K) and begin submitting to agents.

2. Complete Thigh Noon (55K) and submit to agents and contests.  Start sequel – Golddigger Inc. (55K)

3. Complete THE LIST (90K) and begin submission process.

4. Join DARA and attend at least 7 meetings.

5. Attend RWA if a GH finalist.

6. Attend at least 2 writing workshops.

7. Decide on pen name and create a web presence.

8. Apply for RWA-PRO membership.

9. 2010 WC = 175,000   Edited = 175,000 (14.5K per month)

2011 – Continue writing. Decide which stories to focus on based on 2010 successes, IE contemp, inspirational or SFF. If agent not secured in 2010, create new plan of attack. Sell something by end of year. Complete 3 new books. (Aidan second year of preschool)

2012 – Secure additional two or three book deal.  Begin higher level promo, like autographings, appearances, interviews, etc. Complete 3 new books. Make at least 35K from writing by EOY. Begin “giving back” by conducting classes, etc. (Aidan starts kindergarden)

2013 – Settle into a 2-3 book a year release pattern. Make at least 10% more income than in 2012.

2014 – Get at least one book on a national bestseller list. Increase income 10% from 2013. Tell at least 3 people I’m an author who have actually heard of me.


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