Things NaNo has taught me…

  1. I am a plotter. If I think about my story and characters ahead of time, use one of the many plotting methods out there and complete it before I start, I do not get “stuck”. The story flows really well.
  2. I cannot complete a book in one draft. I am more of a four-draft person. I think I have to write the whole book to really even understand the story. Then I can go back and layer the emotions and motivations back in. One more draft to polish and tighten and the last one, I’ll put away and come back to later to clean up the errors I missed the first three times.
  3. I can write an entire Harlequin length novel in 30 days during my regular writing time, while also focusing on my Golden Heart entry and doing regular family things. If I were to put my entire life on hold, I could write it in half the time. Or less.
  4. It’s ok if it’s not perfect the first time. Getting it down on the screen in the critical part. I gave myself permission to write something not so great just to get the words out. This is big for me because I’m such a perfectionist.

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