Can I be a writer without a pseudonym?

I have been wondering what it means for my future as a writer that my screen name for online communities is always my name. Why can’t I be more creative than kkw or katrinawilliams? Even my email address is katrinakwilliams. I tell myself it’s because I like to maintain professionalism. Also because the first thing I usually think of is too…personal. I don’t want all those cyber-strangers to know intimate things about me the second they view my screen name. You have to wonder about someone who thinks likes_big_butts doesn’t cause others to make snap judgements. And would those judgements even be wrong? Then there are the times I actually think, “This time, I’m gonna go for it. Figure out the most deeply rooted part of myself and put it out there.” Only to find I’ll have to be stargazer12564 because its just not such an original part. My name turns out to be the best identity I’ve got. And I spent most of my life not liking my name. The hurricane did not help, BTW. Now what am I going to do if a publisher wants me to write under a pseudonym? Any suggestions on a good pen name? I’m sure I’ll be scouring the phone books looking for something, anything to define not only myself, but my career. Oh, the pressure…


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